Focus on the family teenage dating

It is designed to inspire Christian teen athletes to make an impact for Jesus Christ.

FCA magazine is available both online and as a print edition that is published six times a year.

Brio is a print-edition magazine that publishes 10 issues each year.

“As a parent, grandparent or mentor of a teen girl, you know culture bombards her with messages about her body, fashion, relationships, values and faith,” the promo text on one of the magazine’s new subscription pages reads.Christian teenagers serious about their faith may find it difficult to find magazines that speak directly to their interests and to their moral perspective.Many mainstream magazines for teenagers simply do not address the needs of devoutly Christian teens.One is that there are plenty of teenage girls who sincerely want to know whether, say, listening to Bruno Mars will corrode their spirits.As a cynical media type, it seems odd that a 14-year-old might be interested in a magazine feature on what she should look for in a “future husband.” In my isn’t just for teenagers.

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