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Should I Continue Dating my Young Lady or Find Someone Older? Regardless of what society thinks about the age difference you should continue with the relationship if you feel a connection with the young lady.Also, a nine-year age difference is not very significant.But then after a few weeks, their person disappears into thin air.He or she stops answering your texts and doesn't say hi to you in passing. Because we are stuck in this cycle of hiding our feelings, being afraid to look weaker or care more than the other person, we force ourselves not to care in hopes of not getting hurt.Dating young can be fun, but it can also be challenging.She might need to you to guide her since she appears not be to an action-oriented individual.

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However, you have to determine if you can cope with what appears to be a difference in mental maturity.

As you stated the young lady is full of ideas, but does not work.

Buckingham, I am 35 years old and I am dating a 26-year young lady who has no job, but she is full of ideas. I am also fearful that about what society will say about the age gap between us.

She looks younger than her age and I look more mature than her. Matured Man Dear Matured Man, Your decision to date a younger lady is no one else’s business.

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However, in some instances, it is not the other person who does the hurting.

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