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At the time, I lived with my parents and two sisters - Jane, who was nine, and Miriam, who was twelve. We had a backhoe and I was most skilled with it, considering I was the one who dug the seven acre pond that was 20 feet deep. ” I yelled coming out of my room and into the kitchen. ” We walked out the door and went directly to the ATV vehicles.On the first day of summer, it was always tradation for our family to have a gigantic bonfire on our 47 acre plot of land that involved using all of the trees that had fallen over the course of the winter. We got on the 450 knowing it had been muddy, we wanted to be able to get through without any major problems.

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  2. Also included in the exhibit are a collection of color lithographs depicting the British attack on Havana in 1762, in which they seized control of the island and wrested Florida away from Spain; a print by Cuban artist Ibrahim Miranda, created at the University of South Florida’s Graphics Studio in 2012; and several tourists and travel maps, on loan to the History Center from History Miami in South Florida.