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According to this legend, Erik ruled justly over the course of his decade-long reign, codified the laws of his kingdom, relentlessly promoted the Catholic Church at a time when many Swedes still worshipped the Norse gods and launched a religious crusade against Finland.

He became the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the metalband RAID from north-eastern Stockholm and played with them until summer 2008.

His future as a singer really took shape for the first time as he performed the leading role as Galileo Figaro in the Queen musical We Will Rock You, doing a number of shows at Oscarsteatern in Stockholm.

Aggressive, charismatic hard rock frontmen such as Paul Stanley (of KISS) and Freddie Mercury (of Queen) proved huge influences on Erik.

A written medieval legend holds that Swedish King Erik IX, the patron saint of Stockholm whose likeness still adorns the city’s coat of arms, was beheaded in 1160 after being ambushed outside a church. But this one—the main source of information about Erik’s life and death—received a credibility boost last week, when researchers announced that a modern analysis of the king’s suspected bones largely supports what appears in its pages.

Very little is known about King Erik IX of Sweden, who is also referred to as Erik Jedvardsson, Erik the Saint and Erik the Lawgiver.

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