Email slow when updating deleted items

Also, determine whether there are any local network issues that might be causing the problem, such as issues with your local proxy server, firewall, or Internet service provider.

To determine the specific cause and to resolve the issue, use the methods that are described in this article.

Note: if you choose this option you should probably manually check the integrity of your database every so often.

Hold down the Option key when starting Entourage, this will start the Database Utility, Select Verify Database Integrity and click Continue.

If this file corrupts you can literally lose everything! There is debate how big a PST file can get before it stops working but the trick to keeping your Outlook running smoothly is to keep it as small as possible.

Even our Xmail customers using our cloud hosted fully synchronised service will experience much slower performance with a full bin.

To make deleting remove all labels/folders: , here is what each of the options for the 'When I delete a message' will do: Move it to this folder [Trash] This is the default setting.

In Gmail accounts, you can not specify a different folder for Trash.

With Gmail's default settings, when you mark a message as deleted, Gmail doesn't let it linger in that state -- it deletes (or auto-expunges) it from the folder right away.

Standard POP emails in Outlook are stored in a PST file.

This single file is very important as it contains all your emails, all email folders, including the Deleted Items folder, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks.

However, I would bet that there are lots of you out there in the same boat as me, and need Thunderbird to be capable of handling those giant email accounts. I’ve got 4 Gmail accounts that I connect to on a regular basis, and Thunderbird is set up to download new messages from them every 10 minutes.

This may sound like a lot, especially considering that those accounts have thousands of messages stored on the server, but Thunderbird is actually very good at this.

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In a recent survey of business email customers about 30 percent stored more than 1,000 items in their Deleted Items folder.

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