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In his adolescence, Dean sought the counsel and friendship of a local Methodist pastor, the Rev.

Six years after his father had left farming to become a dental technician, Dean and his family moved to Santa Monica, California.After rock and roll started: performers really moved to the music( see the same wepage as above)Elvis rocking and rolling and the following webpage 1950's music 4.1950's Hair styles Before Rock and Roll: Teen boys hair was cut short and or combed to the side with a part.Millions of Americans, especially Baby Boomers, can recall the corny classroom instructional films of their youth, titles such as "Cindy Goes to a Party," "Shy Guy" (featuring future "Bewitched" star Dick York), "Why Vandalism?", and "Meat and You—Partners in Freedom." OK, that last one was from "The Simpsons," which has spoofed the educational film genre for years.

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