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Three of the town’s clubs started refusing entry to anyone unable to speak Danish, German or English several months ago and an industry group said others are considering following suit.

Video: Denmark launches anti-refugee ad campaign The managing director, Torben Hoffmann Rosenstock, told TV2: “If you have a group of guests that comes in and displays threatening behaviour then it presents some security-related challenges if you cannot enter into a dialogue,” according to a translation by .

It is Denmark’s main collection of money, medals and other objects relating to payment from all over the world.

The collection of Danish money is most comprehensive that can be found anywhere in the world.

The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals exhibition is currently closed due to renovation work.

The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals at the National Museum consists of over half a million objects.By using the EURES Portal you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.Whether you have the right to get full salary or not during your parental leave in Denmark depends on the agreements that are in place at your workplace.They can choose to be on parental leave at the same time or in periods one after the other.If one parent works in Sweden, they are able to be on parental leave at the same time for 30 days, in addition to the 2 weeks that the father can take after the birth of the child.

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