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Girls, on the other hand, are raised to know their place...their purpose in life is to make sure the men are happy. In the larger towns and cities, women have careers, they have important roles to play and they do their best to be seen as equal to men. The old habits still exist, and will probably continue way into the future. However, if she has a strong character..heaven forbid...opinions (like me) ..there's a lot of adjustment to be made.Those foreign women who are married to Turkish men often find it difficult to adjust to the Turkish male mentality. All marriages need compromise, whether inter-racial or not.I was on holiday about 1 month ago in turkey, and a lot of the Turkish men were talking to me and telling me I was 'beautiful' and calling me 'princess' and 'darling' and stuff like that. I was on holiday about 1 month ago in turkey, and a lot of the Turkish men were talking to me and telling me I was 'beautiful' and calling me 'princess' and 'darling' and stuff like that.I know that people say that Turkish men say these things to women to get them to buy something or to get them into bed.But I'm a really shy person, especially when it comes to guys flirting and calling my beautiful and stuff! because I always wear tan tights at night if i have shorts or a skirt on and this Turkish guy in a shop was amazed by them ?and they seemed to get more interested in me when I was being all shy! A few of the Turkish men kissed my hand and hugged me. and Are the guys actually being serious when they offer to trade camels and goats for you ? like I was trying on shoes and I had to fix my tights at my foot, and when I did that he said ' What is this :o? ' and he grabbed my leg and started playing with them x D?Mr A and I have had our ups and downs over the years..of them..after 13 years together I guess you could say that we've cracked it.

The universe looked big all around you, the people left below seemed small and insignificant, like ants, and you felt like you were given the heavens to hold in your hands for all that time that you were promised the world on a magical ride. Soon the gas runs out, the fire fades to a flicker, the hot air fizzles away, the horizons narrow, the sun and the stars and heavens regain their distance, and all those little ants below begin growing and growing back into people as big as you, and bigger than .

Turkish men, generally, are known to be kind and romantic, caring and loving, and, on the whole, enjoy living life to the fullest.

They cherish their women, which is a sacred, self-imposed duty of many Turkish men.

Family and loyalty to its members is the most important value for them, but conservative attitudes toward women still exist, especially in rural areas where families tend to be traditional and parental approval for selecting a spouse is still important.

Turkish men are very respectful toward women, so you can expect to have a caring partner if you are dating one of these passionate men.

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