Dating services for retarded

Family members must cope with the stress of witnessing their loved one's daily struggles with self-care, social interactions, and education.

Furthermore, family members live with the knowledge that there will be no end in sight for these struggles.

Part of what binds the gay community is an experience known as "coming out," in which a person acknowledges his or her sexual orientation to family and friends.

The process of coming out is one that usually occurs over time once an individual develops a comfort level with his or her sexuality (Bernstein, 1995).

Program requirements include: eligibility for Montana Medicaid; need for assistance with activities of daily living; need for assistance with instrumental activities of daily living; authorization by a health care professional that assistance is necessary; and completion of an assessment for placement in the program. (Livingston) is a private, nonprofit corporation that has provided services to adults with disabilities in Park County since 1976.

Although people with mental retardation are given unprecedented freedom to make personal vocational decisions, there is an unfounded expectation that they do not have sexualitylet alone homosexuality.

As antiquated institutions are closed and residents are moved into more mainstream settings, some human rights issues have been inadequately addressed.

However, I believe nothing worth having in life comes easy. By knowing your genuine self and personality, you are more likely to find someone who is right for you. You can’t expect a partner to make you happy and maintain your happiness.

I will offer my own advice based on my own personal experiences and observations. Be happy on your own, and then you know you’re ready to make the next steps.

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