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That is why the words “power and control” are in the center of the wheel.

Every day, young people navigate relationships - crushes, breakups, sexuality, firsts, and hook ups - but they don’t always have the space to talk about them, learn about them, or share their experiences.

Or sometimes friends don’t believe that it is abuse. Used with permission from: Pathways of Courage, Inc/Wo Men and Children’s Horizon’s of Kenosha, Wisconsin Safe Dates.

Let your friend know that they are important and deserve a healthy, happy relationship. Write down the numbers they can call, including a hotline and a friend or family member.

We keep our focus on women’s experience because the battering of women by men continues to be a significant social problem Also from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, the Equality Wheel was developed not to describe equality per se, but to describe the changes needed for men who batter to move from being abusive to non-violent partnership.

For example, the “emotional abuse” segment on the Power and Control Wheel is contrasted with the “respect” segment on the Equality Wheel.

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