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I told him about all the Frenchies inviting me on bike rides along the Seine, and picnics in Jardin des Tuileries, and that despite the stereotype that the French are classy nymphos, I found Parisians to be devoted, in a pure and gracious way, to the old-fashioned art of dating.

That said, be subtle, don’t immediately dance his way or plunk down a giant pint of beer in front of her.

Take your average French woman - reserved, chic, sophisticated, stylish.

Where the French have Carla Bruni in Yves Saint Laurent we have Samantha Cameron in Hobbs. A French woman never over indulges or has a hangover. England is a country of grey and often miserable proportions.

She wouldn't be seen dead in a tracksuit or a pair of Uggs yet wouldn't think twice about spending 120 Euros on a pair of knickers small enough to fit in a match box. Meaning that, not only are 'chic' flats near on impossible to fashion, but impossible to wear for eight months of the year.

She wears little makeup and thinks boob jobs are the height of vulgarity. indeed it is, however where they care less about being warm and more about being effortlessly stylish we couldn't give a crap how ridiculous Uggs look, we ain't freezing for no one.

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