Dating fender transformer code

on a Bass-Master might indicate that the amp is from 1965 or 1966, before the four-digit serial numbers were used.The circuit in [that amps] is built on a phenolic turret board instead of the Fender style fibre board used [later.] [...] it appears that Traynor/Yorkville used three digit serial numbers up until 1968.Many of these resources refer to source-date-codes located on pots or speakers within your amplifier.Please keep in mind that those components must be original to get a valid date for a vintage guitar amplifier.

Dick Dale has frequently spoken of his role in the development of the Showman, and boasts of having blown up nearly 50 amplifiers before Fender achieved a design that could take his heat.Amplifiers currently produced in Scottsdale, AZ (Amplifier Custom Shop), Corona, CA (U.S.), Indonesia, Mexico, Japan, Tianjin (China), and Korea.[An example is an] YBA-1A Bass Master Mark II [...] with the serial number M 601 [...] [whose] potentiometers date from 1968 [...] [and on which] 'Range Expander' is screened below the controls, not above.are coded as follows s/n: 1020629 First digit: Last digit of year of production (1 ^= 1971, 3 ^= 1973) Second and third digit: Month of production (01 ^= Jan., 11^=Nov.) Last four digits: Numbered unit produced within that year?

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