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A clay tablet from Babylon (the Almanac of Sippa) in the British Museum tells of a great astronomical event. Astronomer Michael Molnar tells us that these planets were known to play the central role in kingship, or emporership. Traditionally, the constellation of Pisces was the sign of Israel. This happens every 820 years, so it is a very unusual event.Jupiter also was eclipsed by the moon, and occurred in the East, which would be April 17, 6 BC.As shown in the map below, Highway 186 is found at the base of the peninsula.

The following quotes from Church leaders, official Church publications, and other Church members in official magazines discuss this subject. Hinckley:“In a few days comes the promise that spring will come again and summer will return, as it has through all the millennia that men have been upon the earth.

So many of such small remains are extant that they are frequently incorporated into a golf course or hotel grounds.

Most current Latter-day Saint authors writing about Book of Mormon geography, myself included, consider southern Mexico, northern Guatemala, and Belize the primary lands of the Book of Mormon.

To the intrepid explorer, other interesting sites are available, such as Uxmal, Izamal, Sayil, Oxkintok, and many others on the western side of the Yucatan.

And of course numerous small ruin sites consisting of one or two small buildings are available.

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*It surely is one of the oddities of history that Alma, supposedly writing about 83 B.

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