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The New York Times is used in an assignment called Current Events Speed Dating.

The purpose of this assignment is to 1) expose students to current events in environmental science, 2) connect those stories to concepts covered in class, and 3) allow students to gain experience discussing important topics in environmental science.

It hinges on the experience of Mike North, who lives in a “three-story Victorian house known as the Embassy,” where he flits from yoga class to Edwardian theme parties where monocles have been known to appear. Also joining him in the commune are Nick Lane-Smith, 33, and Robbie Schingler, 35.

In December, the newspaper ran a story about Bay Area millennials who are joining nouveau-hippie communes.Students write a brief summary of the article and describe the topics in the article that are relevant to topics that have been covered in class.Students bring to class a copy of the article and the written assignment and come prepared to present the article to their peers in a “speed dating” format.But, for some, online dating has now taken an unwelcome left turn resembling a sort of “dating burnout or fatigue,” characterized by a seemingly endless string of dates that yield few returns.Susanne Sahakian, a 52-year-old ER nurse from Queens, NY, said that most of her online dates “were just nightmares.” “I met a midget on one date, a homeless musician who asked if he could sleep in my car on another and yet another guy who was extremely overweight,” she said.

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