Dating antique desk

And that is even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this very diverse subject.When trying to identify antique furniture, dedicated antique hunters search for beautifully preserved pieces, armed with pins, magnifying glasses, spirit levels and all sorts of testing equipment.A single piece of antique furniture is more than a collection of nails, boards, and wood stain.

This is one of the easiest ways to provide a fairly accurate date stamp to any antique.A wide variety of resources can help you come close to dating an antique roll-top desk.Take a thorough set of measurements for your desk, including height, depth and width of both the bottom desk and the tambour, or roll-top.Antique Furniture is one of the most fascinating sections of antique collecting.Primarily because so many of us naturally do what’s most important when collecting antique furniture. Most antique furniture tends to be purchased by ordinary everyday people, rather than dedicated antique furniture collectors.

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