Dating a wall street guy

I’d recommend reading all of the available parts to this interview.

The article is an interesting read as it’s eye opening to see where these scammers are coming from.

The reason, he explained, is because after a long day of work he'd rather be around someone who would talk about "breaking her nail" than someone who could This dude's probably trolling, but oddly enough, I actually see the wisdom here.

Given how demanding our industry is, especially for the new analysts, is it actually better for them to date dumb girls? No matter how tired I am, I'd rather have a pleasant conversation than listen to bimbo-talk.

Well, during their hunt, they came up to an anonymous, supposedly attractive, hedge fund employee about being on the list and, this is what happened: During our conversation, he told us he only dates models.

Naturally, we pressed on to understand why besides their good looks.

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