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Some things are very obvious such as non-original or reconed speakers, non-original transformers, replaced pots, re-tweed, re-tolex, re-grill, etc.and these changes are often disclosed and of a non-malicious nature.White had worked with Leo in the very early days of Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company as the plant manager and stayed on after the company was sold to the CBS Corporation, but had grown unhappy with their management. Because of a 10-year non-compete clause in the 1965 contract that sold the Fender companies to CBS, Leo Fender was a silent partner.The name of this partnership was changed to Musitek, Inc.

Leo Fender did not like the name Tri-Sonix, so the name evolved under Leo Fender's suggestion to call the new company Music Man.Sure, he started out in his teens and has only managed to make it to (maybe? It was an anthology of short, weird little stories, and this last issue included a creepy tale of a time-traveling mummy case and martians infiltrating society, all done by talented artist Steve Ditko and a writer named Stanley Lieber, who went by Stan Lee.) his mid-30s, but if you were Spider-Man, you could probably stretch 15 years of your life into 50 years of stories, too. Lee had previously created the Fantastic Four in 1961 and the Incredible Hulk earlier that year with the legendary Jack Kirby, co-creator of Captain America, and they had ushered in a superhero revival in the comic book industry.The Silo3, a versatile workhorse, that's easy to play, comfortable and sounds like a higher end guitar.The solid hardwood body is attached to the solid maple neck via a Music Man designed 5-bolt neck joint.

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