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More pointedly, someone who may be passive-aggressive and/or dealing with low self-esteem is probably not someone who’s going to make a good partner in a relationship.I had and have self-esteem issues to begin with, but after getting rather bruised and battered in dating, in my mid-20s my internal talk was very along those lines - and I really needed to just be alone, figure myself out, like myself a little better, and create non-romantic relationships that had value.You begin to think that maybe he's "the one." But then things head south.His sweet attentiveness turns to overwhelming obsession. He never mentions any friends and doesn't hang out with anyone but you. He doesn't go to the gym, play any sports, take any classes, volunteer or go to church.His insecurity is so overwhelming that he can't see reason and will convince himself that you couldn't possibly love him, so the only "logical" conclusion is that you're still in love with your ex.3. Very early in the relationship, he professes his undying love for you.Part of you feels like Rudolph when Clarice tells him he's cute.He was going on about how he was a bad guy and was just going to hurt her in the long run. Ethan’s addressed this before, and the reality is still the same. They were sort of friends with benefits, but he wanted to be exclusive without being in a relationship (red flag #1).Then he kept telling her he hoped that she was seeing other people because he would be a bad boyfriend (red flag #2).

It’s great to respect your bf/gf, but putting them too high on a pedestal puts way too much pressure on them and on the relationship.

Get hard at your brain, and remember every small detail, every small thing he had done for you, Roses, chocolates, cute messages, long talks etc etc. You have to make him realize, that he doesn’t need to do anything, you are way too much happy with him just the way you both are.

We all know that people can come up with the lamest excuses for breakups. Anyway, from Post-It notes to finding out you’ve been dumped on Facebook, there are some pretty horrible breakup stories. One of my friends recently ended things with her sort-of boyfriend (I don’t really know what they were and neither did they) because he went on this whole thing about how he wasn’t good enough for her.

You could fly through the air while shouting, It takes time to get to know someone enough to love them and if your new boyfriend is telling you he loves you right off the bat, it should sound warning bells, especially if he pressures you into saying it back to him.4. You're his world, the center of his universe, his reason for living.

At first it may seem flattering to be valued so highly, but being the center of one's world, isn't all it's cracked up to be. And what happens when you hit a bump in the road in your relationship?

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He picks you up, presents you with roses, opens your door, takes you to an elegant restaurant, and endlessly compliments you throughout the night.

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