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That’s why so many users ask how long restoring your previous version of windows usually takes.

Actually, In this case, I don’t think you are lucky enough to downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 8.1/8/7 or an earlier system restore point even after a few hours or days.

It suggests that Windows 10 Anniversary Update frozen midway through downloading or installation is really a common issue.

This page collects some useful solutions to fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update stuck, frozen or failed to install issue caused by different reasons. And before trying these solutions please first read the useful tips that offered to avoid Windows 10 Anniversary Update stuck issue.

How do I fix this Now a large number of users are reporting 'Restoring your previous version of windows' stuck or loop error after a failed Windows 10 upgrade or other accidents.

When encountering such an issue, you will be caught in a Windows 10 restore loop.

Now this may take anywhere between one and, if your computer is terribly slow, ten hours, so you better get your waiting hat on if you plan on waiting it out.

If your computer has been trying to undo the changes made by the updates for an excruciatingly long period of time or if you simply don’t want to wait until you regain access to your computer naturally, you can perform a factory reset on your computer.

Eventually, Windows will manage to undo the changes that the failed updates made, allowing you to access your computer like you normally would.So you have to find other ways to fix Windows 10 'Restoring your previous version of windows' stuck or loop issue. Reset your Windows 10 PC Navigate Start Reset this PC.Then Hit on the Get Started button just below the option to fix Windows 10 'Restoring your previous version of windows' stuck issue. Download Windows 10 media creation tool and create a Windows 10 installation media. Boot or start your computer from the Windows 10 installation media. In the Install Windows page, tap 'Repair your computer' to start the Windows Recovery Environment. In the Windows Recovery Environment, on the Choose an option screen, click 'Troubleshoot'. Click 'Advanced Options' and then click on 'System Restore' or 'Startup Repair'.Since its releasing, the fail to install issue especially the installing issue failed and stuck at various percentages for hours have been affected millions of computers.Many users are reporting that Windows 10 Anniversary Update stuck at 99%, 32%, 91%, 24%, 93%, 71%, 35%, 75%, 32% and even at 0%.

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