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The sad part is that people actually believe what they read online.A lot of people are more interested in wondering if Beyonce is pregnant or who Taylor Swift is dating instead of recognizing them for their hard work and talent. Work is work and what I’ve done thus far has gotten me to where I am today and I’m thankful for that“At the age of fifteen, Haynes began modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch while living in New York City, New York.• Kara Dio Guardi • Lea Michele • For Reals Estate • Jason Segel • Chord Overstreet • Melissa Mc Carthy • Dianna Agron • Brian Atwood • Ali Larter • Connie Britton • Nostalgia • Judd Apatow • James Corden Celebs are known to have lavish mansions and fancy homes all to themselves.

Not to mention, Ryan Gosling has lived with both Justin Timberlake AND Michelle Williams at points in his life!

In response to backlash from the LGBT community, Galvin took to Twitter a few hours after the interview went online and apologized 'to Colton Haynes and to the LGBTQ youth, especially those who have embraced our show.' 'I have no right to dictate how or when anybody comes out of the closet; I know how difficult and scary the process of coming out can be, and the last thing I would ever want to do is make it scarier. Sorry: After his interview with New York Magazine was posted on the publication's website, Galvin took to Twitter to post an apology for what he said about Haynes, and also about Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet Struggles: Haynes, 27, seenin a selfie posted to his Instagram Wednesday, made a name for himself first in MTV's Teen Wolf and then in The CW's Arrow.

, which isn’t guaranteed to be a success, and we’ve seen MTV struggling with its scripted series.

“I don’t really pay attention to the rumors cause at the end of the day, that’s exactly what they are” Haynes says in an interview without specifying which rumors he’s talking about.

“Anyone can go online and write anything they want about people they don’t even know and most of thetime, that is fueled by hate.

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And, they aren't the only ones, Perezcious readers!

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