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Instead of entering your tag information once when you program your I/O Device and once when you configure your project, you can program your I/O Device, then import the tags straight into only supports the use of alphanumeric characters, the backslash and underscore characters (see Tag name syntax).Any other characters will be converted to underscores on import., you can import, or link to, every the tag in an external data source.This means that you only have to define tag information once when you program your I/O Devices.This may result in Duplicate Tag errors on compilation.Like linking, the importing of tags is an I/O Device specific operation: you import the tags for a particular I/O Device.also lets you export tags to an external file, specifying the destination and format of your choice.

The most common I/O devices are PLCs (programmable logic controllers); however, supports a wide range of I/O devices, including loop controllers, bar code readers, scientific analyzers, remote terminal units (RTUs), and distributed control systems (DCS).The external data source is where the tag data was saved when the actual I/O Device was programmed.If you link to the external data source, (for example you compile your project, display the tag using the Variable Tags dialog box, modify or paste the tag, or perform a manual refresh, etc.).Background You have just installed Matrikon OPC Server for Citect and are trying to access tags from your OPC Client but the quality is bad. Once the DLLs in the Matrikon OPC folder were deleted, the system connected and tags data flowed. 12JAN09 - This can also be caused by Citect Scada not being started and in runtime. 23MAR11 - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) handles things differently with respect to services. What we found was that the Citect DLL files had been copied to the Matrikon OPC Server folder as well as being present (and having a PATH pointing to) the Citect\bin folder.

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