Chinese singer dating 12 year old

After watching the popular footage, many people expressed their concerns, saying the couple were too young to look after themselves, let alone each other.The wedding was held last month, said an official from Ding'an County to Beijing News.A video showing a boy, said to be 13 years old, marrying his girlfriend in a Chinese village has sparked controversy.The newlyweds live in the Ding'an County of Hainan Province, and the bride was five months pregnant when the wedding took place, according to Chinese media.Generally, 50 is not the age at which models will release a solo photo collection of themselves posing in various states of undress.As unfair as it is, there simply don’t seem to be a lot of people willing to pose for the camera in skimpy clothes at that age — probably because most 50-year-olds have better stuff to do with their time. But Candy Law isn’t exactly your average 50-year-old, which is probably why she’s just released a new photobook of herself all dolled up.An internet user with the screen name 'Cherry_hanbao' said on Weibo: 'They are still children.

Qu will participate in a series of videos, bringing together her music with scenic imagery of British Columbia.

She will also personally show fans around Vancouver and Whistler as part of a contest.

On April 24, 2015, Qu's mother Zhang Mingjie was arrested in China due to allegations of corruption and also claims that she had participated in the "sale of state properties below market value for personal profit".

Wanting was born and raised in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

She moved to Canada at 16 to study, eventually earning a degree in international business, and relocated to Vancouver where she began her musical career.

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Part of her fame likely stems from the fact that she’s had three kids, but still looks like a college student.

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