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Lease of the Remainder of Portion 15 (a portion of Portion14), Portion 16 (a portion of Portion14), Portion 17 (a portion of Portion14), Portion 275 (a portion of Portion 40), the Remainder of Portion 40 (a portion of Portion 15) and Portion 291 (a portion of Portion 40) all of the Farm Firland No 959, Administrative District Stellenbosch.

APPOINTMENT OF SUITABLE FIRMS, CONSORTIUM OR JV’S PROFESSIONAL BUILT ENVIRONMENT COMPANIES ON THE TURNKEY PROJECT FOR THE PLANNING, DESIGNING AND CONSTRUCTION OF NEW VOGELFONTEIN PRIMARY SCHOOL FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AND INFRASTRUCTUREInvitation to submit documentations for the Pre-Qualification to be considered as a possible contractor for the construction of parameter fences and walls for the Department of Defence.

Respondents are required to have relevant experience and knowledge in the provision of computerised maintenance management systems The CDC is inviting capable and competent Service Providers to respond to the Expression of Interest (Eo I) by submitting their proposal for the Customs Information Technology System (CIT) required by the organisation Provision of Office Accommodation: Kroonstad Justice Centre for a period of 5 years.

is a comprehensive e-infrastructure that will help the government and the citizens realize the vision of fuelling growth via profitable B2B e Commerce, providing a robust, proven platform used by the largest companies in India and the world.

It enables trade between companies of different sizes, platforms and locations.

This contribution is demonstrated through the provision of a B-BBEE certificate.

Certain categories of suppliers are counted twice on the scorecard or receive enhanced recognition; for example, if R100 is spent from a QSE that is black-owned, the spend is recognized three times on the generic scorecard.

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