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The following is a list of top champions in pro wrestling from the promotions we tracked in 2012. Mark Henry (04/02/12 Raw TV) -- DQ loss retention vs. Henry (No DQ/No c-o match) (04/16/12 Raw TV) -- pinfall vs.Be sure to bookmark this page for weekly updates throughout 2012 on our running list. Chris Jercho (Chicago Street Fight) (04/29/12 Extreme Rules PPV) -- pinfall vs.Daniel Bryan (05/20/12 Over the Limit PPV) -- Double DQ retention vs. Kane, Daniel Bryan (06/17/12 No Way Out PPV) -- pinfall vs.Daniel Bryan (07/15/15 MITB PPV) -- DQ loss & retention vs.-The fic cover for my new story Addicted has been added.Just click on my homepage to see it and see other fic covers for my stories. Punk Held Since: 11/20/11 (Survivor Series PPV) 2012 TV/PPV title defenses: -- count-out loss; retained vs. Chris Jericho (04/01/12 WM28 PPV) -- count-out loss retention vs.

Thanks to Stephen Stack for sending in the following.

Anything goes in Saturday Night Chat but we do ask that all topics remain TNA-related and stay on topic.

You can also discuss any rumors from any source regardless of how ludicrous they might sound.

The organization is known as Shield, and they recruit the killers, hacks, and thieves of the world to do their bidding.

They give them a new life and a way out, and the freedom to do all of the bad things that society says they can't do. Trish stratus retired from the WWE to start a new chapter in her life.

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