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And other casting calls that upset fans • Heather Cranford appeared on two seasons of the "Bachelor" and got dumped by both Aaron Buerge and Byron Velvick. Until she re-met a dude she went to high school with, and they ended up getting married.

"We lived three streets away from each other growing up," she says.

Also, Sean dishes why he is choosing abstinence until marriage. 🙂First up, Ali's interview with the girls of A Drink With is really genuine and telling, especially whether she thinks the show is a good way to find your soul mate.

It hits on everything from her past career at Facebook to what it's like dealing with reality fame, as well as her new gig hosting NBC's 1st Look.

I was interested that it became a discussion point.

I’ve had endless conversations with close friends who are very strong feminists and we’ve had these debates. I regretted that as a result of me saying that, Andi got a lot of flak.

And other women would be like, Thank you for saying, as a guy, that sex meant something to you."With my girlfriend, her dad watched the entire show right before meeting me, which was probably not the best introduction,'' he told Entertainment Weekly.''But I think it ended up OK because he was so pleasantly surprised that I was nice and focused only on his daughter.'' The Frisky: Should Angelina Jolie play 40-something Kay Scarpetta?Her career seems to be back-burnered – though she told PEOPLE that she would like to start her own fashion line.She recently modeled for the September issue of New York’s Resident Magazine.

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Sure, sure, Bachelor fans probably have a general idea of who won each season. So in honor of the drama queens, the possible sociopaths, and expert players who make The Bachelor so addictive, we talked to some of the most memorable characters ever to lounge by the Bachelor House pool.

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