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“They need to know how you think and feel and be reassured that everything’s okay,” says Benson.

While it might be a touchy affair, there’s a good way to go about it, says Bill Benson, a licensed therapist and family counselor.

Over the last 20 years of stardom, he’s voiced that shame about the roles that he’s taken, the relationships he’s made public, his lack of education, his drinking habits, and, most recently, his tattoo, which, after a swift and public backlash, he quickly (and rather dubiously) claimed to be “fake.” He has not, it should be noted, been ashamed of his gambling habits or his extramarital affair — allegations of which, at least publicly, he still denies.

During his career renaissance in the late 2000s, the shame receded: He was directing, which is much less embarrassing than acting in bad movies, and in 2013, he won a Best Picture Oscar for Argo.

Good Will Hunting Ben didn't have much going on romantically in this one, unless you include his bromance for the ages with Matt Damon, aka Will Hunting. Forces of Nature A guilty pleasure no more, this film can now be celebrated for its brave and unlikely pairing of Ben and Bullock.

But would Will have gone to see about a girl without Ben's epic "the best part of my day is when I knock on the door and you might not be there" speech? Sandy B had never been as freakishly charming, nor he as adorably neurotic, as in this perfectly '90s installment of Armageddon In this classic '90s space disaster epic, Ben used Liv Tyler's stomach to prove that the only aphrodisiac you ever need is Animal Crackers.

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