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Two days before President Donald Trump arrives in Phoenix for his first "outside-the-swamp" rally in Arizona, a phantom Craigslist ad popped up. The ad, posted early on Sunday, wanted to hire people to pose as Trump supporters for the rally, with “minorities especially desired to hold pro-Trump signs, cheer on command, and show diversity.” Those interested were asked to reply with a head-shot photo and a resume. Ten dollars per hour to stand in Phoenix’s predicted 105-degree heat Tuesday. Not even Snopes, a fact-checking website, could confirm whether the ads were true or false. Similar Craigslist ads appeared before rallies in Charlottesville, Orlando and Chicago and just as mysteriously disappeared.23 on numerous counts related to an online dating scam, officials said.According to Brnovich's press release, Pierce set up online dating profiles to begin romantic relationships with women and then convince them to invest in fraudulent investments.Blackwell leads this class of 30 with his colleague Danielle Feinberg, also an educator and advocate. His reads “Equality.” Hers reads “Empathy.” Today is lesson five, and the focus is self-esteem. He holds up the basket and tells the class, “These blues are not who you are.”Donna Bartos was the victim of dating abuse for five years when she was a teenager, she said.Blackwell asks the class, mostly freshmen, to define self-esteem and why it’s important. She witnessed domestic violence among family members growing up.Eleven additional victims came forward after Pierce's arrest in June 2016, officials said.

The advisory comes three weeks after a Scottsdale man was indicted on charges of involvement in an online dating scam, the Attorney General's Office said. Pierce, who also goes by Daylon Jung, was indicted Jan.Supporters cheer during a pro-President Donald Trump rally at the state Capitol in Phoenix on March 4, 2017. Both the left and the right have accused the other of paying supporters and protesters to show up at political events.Since the election, Arizonans have been making their voices heard, whether through rallies, party meetings or phone-call campaigns. The companies that supposedly placed the ads denied knowledge of them.Since Donald Trump entered the race for president with some controversial comments about about Mexican immigrants, he's lost not only business associations but ones with celebrities as well including Flo Rida, Jonathan Scott, and Shakira.Clarence Newsome, president of the Freedom Center in Cincinnati, talks about the feelings he felt before and after discovering his daughter, Bree Newsome, was arrested for climbing a flagpole in South Carolina and removing the Confederate flag.

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