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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. On the Menology and Literature of the Pagan Saxons. Ella arrives in Sussex, and founds a Kingdom there.— Cerdic invades the South Part of the Island, and establishes the Kingdom of Wessex.— Battles of his Successors with the Britons. The sober truth may rather be cx)n- sidered to be, that the survivors of the antediluvian race, and their J immediate descendants, must have been a cultivated people; that . The reign of Tarquinius Prisens at Rome marks the chronology of these expeditions (3).

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Religion of the Saxons in their Pagan state ^ • , . The Saxon months 137 On their alphabetical characters ip8 The Yoluspa translated 142 BOOK THE THIRD. The Arrival of Hengist.— His Transactions and Wars with the Britons, and final Settlement in Kent. Arrival of Hengist i5i Saxons make peace with the Picts. ' improvement preceded barbarism ; and that the wilder tribes were i deviations from the more civilized. The next great movement of the Kelts^ in the Italian states, that has been transmitted to us, occurred about 180 years after the preceding migration, when Brennus led them to that attadk upon Rome itself, in which they became masters of the city, killed its senate, and had nearly taken its Capitol, when Camillus (1) As Paosanias, p.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. .• • • *3i Their Irminsula 132 Principles of their ancient paganism. 134 Their traditions on the end of the world 135 CHAPTER IV. Invasion of Cerdic 16O Establishes himself in Wessex 161 534. That the primeval tribes of mankind were savage brutes, is a theory which, although it has been adorned by the poetry of Lucre- tius and Horace, may be now deemed as credible as the diverging , ^ systems of two modern speculators, who have respectively deduced us from fishes and monkeys. At that period, their population in this country was so abundant, that their chiefs recotnmended two of their princes to lead a numerous body over the Alps into Ital^r, One large multitude passed them near Turin, defeated the Etru- rians or Tuscans, and founded Milan ; another party set Ued about Brixia and Yerona, while succeeding adventurers spread them- selves over other districts.

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He was originally born in Manchester, England, but calls Los Angeles home, and can switch fluidly between British and American accents.

In a narrative familiar to Asian-American actors, Tan has steadily worked his way through Hollywood, which means doing a string of roles as an Asian gangster in TV procedurals.

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