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We made a lot of plans together flying around the country. Making friends (with benefits) never felt so rewarding*.At one point, viewing all of the itineraries listed under the “my reservations” tab on required a scroll button. Spirit and I had first met in December 2013 when I booked a last minute trip from Minneapolis to Chicago.

", a new dating trend that seeks to match-up lonely travelers who'd like to find love during a layover.

We started off on rough footing: she was late to our first “meet-up” and brought me to Chicago several hours late.

However, I sorta botched my own first impressions by pulling a shady stunt on the return leg.

I exist today because one day in October 1983, my parents did something I try to avoid: talk to strangers on airplanes.

They sat next to each other on an hourlong flight from Dallas to Houston, and soon began bonding over a conversation about their lives and their backgrounds.

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It equated to a 16.6% boost to pilots' compensation in 2015 because of a record revenue year.

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