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The hanging houses are unadorned and unassuming, an exact reflection of their purpose: homes for ordinary people.The functional having long ago yielded to the esthetic, they are undergoing restoration in a regionally-financed program that aims to preserve the local heritage.Because of the poem’s setting, personages, topographical detail, and realistic tone and treatment and because the poet wrote soon after the Cid’s death, this poem has been accepted as historically authentic, a conclusion extended to the Castilian generally.The second and third sections of Cantar de mío Cid, however, appear to be imaginative, and the mere six lines accorded the Cid’s conquest of Valencia, taking it from the Muslims, show that the poet’s approach is subjective.(“Song of My Cid”; also called Poema de mío Cid), an epic poem of the mid-12th century (the existing manuscript is an imperfect copy of 1307).It tells of the fall from and restoration to royal favour of a Castilian noble, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as , “lord”).

Treaty Between the United States and the Indians of "Castaic, Tejon, Etc." (Unratified), 1852. Journal of Anthropology, Winter 1978 Ethnography of Castaic by Jerry Reynolds • The Signal, n.d. ~1793 in Tujunga after his mother Bernardina of Quissaubit (SFR-B00295) moved there; married Teofila of Topipabit (SFR-B01848), widowed; married Sista (SFR-B01754), widowed; presumed dead August 1829.

Most Spanish towns faced with Cuenca's need to expand in the 18th century would have spread out along the surrounding countryside.

But Cuenca, perched on the top of a hill, turned not to the earth but to the sky.

Spanish literature generally refers to literature (Spanish poetry, prose, and drama) written in the Spanish language within the territory that presently constitutes the state of Spain.

Its development coincides and frequently intersects with that of other literary traditions from regions within the same territory, particularly Catalan literature, Galician intersects as well with Latin, Jewish, and Arabic literary traditions of the Iberian peninsula.

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The dwellings, called rascacielos, or skyscrapers, are entered on the street level from their west-facing fronts, at which point they rise no more than two or three floors.

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