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Whether it's a new smartphone, a streaming video service, or a cloud-based backup that is driving you nuts, these folks can figure it out.

::wink:: Please also be aware that rude or disruptive behavior will get your IP banned!"They're the wise-ass kids at the back of the class who know everything that's going on," said Laporte, who hosts several of TWIT's 20-plus podcasts and is also heard nationally on the Premier Radio Network."The chat room has turned out to be a very useful tool because if I don't know the answer [to a tech question], they either know the answer off the top of their heads or they research it and come back with links." Laporte monitors the chat room on a 42-inch TV monitor, one of 10 screens he looks at while doing podcasts or the radio show.WARNING: YOU MUST AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU MAY ENTER!You agree that by entering this website that you are of adult legal age in your state to view explicit adult material and that you are not offended in any way by same.

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