Acorn intimidating voters

Donald Trump’s war on voting rights, like much of his behavior, is rooted in revenge.After the November election, Trump tweeted that he lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million “illegals” fraudulently voted for Hillary Clinton.

Four years after the video went viral, O’Keefe agreed to pay a 0,000 settlement to Vera.O’Keefe’s sting destroyed ACORN’s reputation and the employee, Juan Carlos Vera, was fired.By filming Vera, O’Keefe violated a state law against secret recordings of an individual’s voice and image.O’Keefe’s settlement with Vera was yet another blow to the credibility of "conservative media".made a stir by accusing now-confirmed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel of taking money from a shadowy organization with the outlandish name “Friends of Hamas” — a group that turned out to be fictional.

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It has long been a key part of its strategy to reduce turnout among poor, minority and younger voters who, when they vote, tend to support Democratic candidates.

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